Leupp Chapter

Leupp at a glance

Population — 1,149 at the 2021 Census

History — Francis E. Leupp (which Leupp was named after) grew up around the Little Colorado River, where early residents planted corn, beans and squash on the flood plain. After a series of floods in the 1940s, the town was moved to higher ground at its present location on N-15.  Leupp was also the very first Navajo chapter, and comprises the southwestern corner of the Navajo Nation.

Attractions — Sunrise Trading Post, near to Twin Arrows Casino

Land area — 303,746 acres

Industries — El Paso Natural Gas and the Transwestern Pipeline have facilities here, and Tooh Diné Industries manufactures circuit boards.

(Source: http://www.navajotimes.com/news/chapters/071813leu.php#.VeXcm_lViko)


“Promote and empower sustainable communities through Navajo values of K’e and T’aa hwõ aji t’eego”.


“To provide quality services and opportunities by strengthening local stewardship and building positive partnerships for future generations”.

The Grand Falls


(Thank you).**

No permits are required to visit/hike the Grand Falls.

Any group events must have authorization from Leupp Chapter.

The Grand Falls only flows during the monsoon season.





  • Community Heating Resource Program Coal tickets are available at the Leupp Chapter. (Limited Supply)
  • expires April 1, 2023
  • You can download an applicaton on the leupp website or come to the Chapter and pick up an application.  Please attach all required documents with an application.
  • Leupp Housing Discretionary is not accepting any more applications for FY 2023. Closed date was 12/02/2022 @ 5:00pm (DST)
  • Please have all required documents when turning in application.
  • You may submit all application fax @ 928-686-3232 or email @ leupp@navajochapters.org
  • Leupp Chapter Scholarship is not accepting applications for FY 2023 . Closed date was 12/02/2022 @ 5:00pm.  (DST)
  • Please have all required documents when turning in application
  • You may submit all application by fax @ 928-686-3232 or email @ leupp@navajochapters.org




scheduled meetings


Planning Meeting: Announcement will be posted soon

Regular Meeting: Announcement will be posted soon



CLUPC Meeting: Announcement will be posted soon

District 5 Grazing Meeting: Announcement will be posted soon






Sales & Service hours

  • Leupp Chapter Administration is now accepting trash.
  • Administration is back in service for livestock water deliveries.
  • Water well is back in service


8:00 AM to 11:30 AM (DST)

Closed for Lunch 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM (DST)

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (DST)
* Leupp Chapter is on Daylight Savings Time(1 hr. ahead)



LOBBY: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM DST


DESK SERVICE (when you are able to pickup packages) :

Monday –

11:00 AM DST- 5:00 PM DST


11:00 AM DST- 4:00 PM DST

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Leupp Chapter is the First Established Navajo Nation Chapter and home to The Grand Falls.

Celebrating our 90th Anniversary!

Navajo Nation Officials

DR. Buu Nygren
Navajo Nation President

Richelle Montoya
Navajo Nation Vice-President

Casey Allen Johnson
Council Delegate (Birdsprings,
Cameron, Leupp and Tolani Lake)

Chapter Officials

Leupp Chapter President

Angela Horseherder-Cody
Leupp Chapter Vice-President

Calvin Johnson
Leupp Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Kenny Welch
Leupp Grazing Committee Member